fit20 is the right choice for a safe workout!

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An article in the NY Times was just published detailing how to be safer against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in a gym environment.

The way we do things at fit20 is drastically different from the gym environment you are used to seeing.

  • Our studios are cleaned methodically and meticulously before anyone even steps into their next training session. This is one of our standards of excellence. A clean and calm training environment.
  • We offer Personal Training. The studio environment is never crowded, only you, a training partner and your fit20 Certified Personal Trainer in a 20 minute session. No large crowds, no fighting to find your piece of equipment. This is one of our distinguishing features of our business model.
  • We train once per week. ONCE per WEEK. We utilize a unique training method that requires our bodies to recover after an optimal dosage of exercise. You come back the following week and build upon the work you did from your previous training (Supercompensation). This is our fit20 Training Method.

fit20 offers a fitness experience with real results, with an environment that is built to keep us safe. Not only safe from injury, but precautions are taken constantly to help mitigate the spread of these ailments that can hinder our health.

We as individuals can make choices to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and here are some tips to keep your fitness experience and your health as clean as possible!

Don’t go to the gym if you are not feeling well!

Getting in that last workout before the bug gets you or thinking the workout can fend off any incoming ailment may be misaligned. By coming into the workout environment, you could potentially have a negative affect on another person’s health. Be real with yourself and know when a rest is needed, considering the health of others’ as well.

Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, avoid touching your face, mouth or eyes.

Be extra cautious of what you are doing with your hands. Especially after coming in contact with surfaces many other individuals may have had contact with. Wash your hands and keep them away from your face.

Stay Strong and Stay Healthy!