What is our Immune System?

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Our immune system helps us fight disease, inflammation, germs or anything that can make us ill or not feel good. Did you know your everyday health behaviors have a large impact on how well your immune system functions?

Exercise is one of the factors that we can use to significantly improve our immune function. Here is the interesting thing I found, sometimes too much exercise can weaken our immune systems! This is another thing I love about fit20, we are given a specific dosage of exercise suitable for our capabilities and we let our bodies recover. Recovery is about allowing enough time between exercise sessions, our nutritional habits, and our sleep habits. Being active is a great foundation for health, but we can wear ourselves down and put extra stress on our immune system.

Nutrition also plays a pivotal role in management of our immune function. Are we getting what we need from the foods we eat? Is it possible to be deficient in specific nutrients even though we could consider our food intake healthy? Are we eating vegetables or fruits or other whole foods that are rich in nutrients? I always think it is wise to step back and take a honest look at what we are putting into our bodies!

When the body ages, our immune function declines. The body starts to produce less T-cells and white blood cells as we age and this can make our immune response to infection, injury and inflammation much slower. Continue moving, continue making healthy choices, give your body a chance to fight back.

Stay strong and stay healthy everyone!

- Tony Plath

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